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APP Function Experience

What should I do if the app crashes?

Click APP to crash or crash while in use, uninstall and reinstall.

Login problem

1.Please check if the cellular network is normal.

2.Indicates whether the appropriate country code should be selected.

3.Whether the account and password were entered correctly.

4.Uninstall and reinstall.

Registration problem

1.Please indicate your phone model and your system version.

2.Download an app for other systems. If you are currently using an iPhone, can you successfully register with an Android phone in the same network environment?

3.Are you able to register successfully when trying to switch to a different WiFi network?

Account registration failed?

1.Please select the correct country when registering an account.

2.When the account is registered, the cellular network is normal.

3.Determine the network and location permissions of the open app.

What should I do if the APP cannot load the video and shows that the camera is not connected?

Make sure that the app in the phone settings first checks that the camera’s power and network are normal. If this is normal, turn off the camera and restart it. If the connection is still lost after the restart, remove the camera in the APP, do a factory reset and add the device again.

What should I do if the APP asks that the device cannot be accessed?

Please reset the device to factory settings and add it again. If this problem persists, please contact customer service in a timely manner for technical assistance.

What can I do if the app frequently fails to load the video and shows an interruption?

Correct the problem according to the status of the camera’s indicator lamp:

1.If the indicator light is off, it means that the device is not receiving power. Carefully check the power supply and whether the power supply interface is normal. It is recommended that you change the power supply and give it a try.

2.Die Kontrollleuchte leuchtet, es gibt zwei Situationen:

A: The indicator lamp will glow red to indicate that the camera’s network has been disconnected. Check the stability of the WIFI network and restart the router. It is recommended to move the camera closer to the router.

B: The indicator lamp will glow blue, indicating that the camera’s network is normal. Check if the cellphone network is normal. If the cellular network is not smooth, the video stream may not be transmitted to the cellphone It is recommended that the cellphone switch WIFI to try.

Why is there a circle in the center when viewing a video screen that freezes and delays?

The circle means the video is loading and the freeze delay means the network is not working smoothly. Check that the network connected between the camera and the mobile phone is working properly. It is recommended that the camera be located near the wireless router.

How do friends access the camera?

When friends need access to the camera, they need to share the camera with friends. Friends download the app on their cell phone and register a new account. Information on the specific operating method for sharing the camera can be found in the operating video under “Device sharing” in the APP.